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"It is a gorgeous day in Daytona Beach. We've had evenings, we've been racing in the 40s, the tires were giving off sparks. But, it's the warmest day of the month here, 75 degrees."
Mike Joy giving the weather forecast for the 2015 Daytona 500 during the pace laps. How do tires give off sparks?
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Riding the "Road to Recovery" Is Not A Sprint
August 16, 2012

Describing the “road to recovery” should not be hard on a basic level. It seems to start at its intersection with the “road to bad judgment,” which is at the border of the town called “Indefinite Suspension.” When traveling down the “road to recovery,” there should be many stops through town before reaching the next town called “Reinstatement.” I do not think the “road to recovery” should be a cul-de-sac, but unfortunately, there are many cross streets to tempt somebody to turn before the road reaches the next town. The objective here is to get all the way down the road and not be tempted by the cross streets and know after the program is complete to continue to not be tempted by the cross streets.
Rule Change Needed
Qualifying and Racing Are Like Oil and Water, They Don't Mix
April 2, 2012

It is time for NASCAR to do away with the top 35 in owner points are locked into the race. Qualifying should be all go or go home, but as a perk of being the defending champion you are guaranteed a starting spot in the following season to defend your title.
Daytona 500:
Daytona 500 Starting Lineup
February 23, 2012

Carl Edwards grabbed the pole for the Daytona 500 on Sunday and will share the front row with teammate Greg Biffle who grabbed the outside of the front row starting spot for the 500 in an all Roush Fenway front row.
NASCAR Fans Speak Out:
Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden Booed at NASCAR Finale
November 21, 2011

It's not surprising to NASCAR fans that the grand marshalls Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, the first and second ladies, were booed at a NASCAR event. However, it came as a big surprise to the media and the White House who downplayed it as a chaotic event and the fans could have been booing anything.
Time To Grow Up
The Reason for the Boos for Kyle Busch
November 4, 2011

Believe it or not Kyle Busch has fans. I've spoken to one in particular who says it is because he runs hard to win, speaks out and shows passion for what he does. The key though it to keep that passion contained when something goes wrong. Friday night in the Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway he let that passion get the better of him and his actions continue to step over the line.
Daytona 500:
The Duels -- Kurt Busch & Jeff Burton
February 16, 2011

The field is set for the 53rd Daytona 500 as Kurt Busch and Jeff Burton went to victory lane after a lot more of the two car drafts. This form of racing seems to allow only about 8 cars to pull away from the pack as any more and there is no room to continue the run the draft creates and it forces the teams in the back to have to break their momentum and fade back again. Busch hooked up with Regan Smith during the race and held off the other duos to take race number 1 in a green white checkered finish. In race number 2, Jeff Burton hooked up with Clint Bowyer to go to victory lane.
Daytona 500:
Wednesday Notes from Daytona
February 16, 2011

After two quiet days at Daytona the action heated up on Wednesday as the Cup cars prepared for Thursday's Duels and the N''wide cars and Truck Series also took to the track to prepare for their season openers this weekend.

  Junior Heads to the Back
  206 Is Too Fast; NASCAR Slows Them Down
  Wednesday Top 20 Practice Speeds
New Era of NASCAR:
NASCAR Point System Gets Overhauled
February 6, 2011

NASCAR announced on February 2 the new point system for 2011. It is the first major change since the 1970s. In the past 35 to 40 years the point difference from first to last has been about 140 points. So, winning a few races really could help you rebound and teams that consistently finished in the top ten would be well off in the championship race. For 2011, the point difference from first to last is only 42. Now, you'd think that would be easier because you will lose less with a bad day, but conversely, rebounding from a bad day will be tougher as you can't gain that many points on all of the teams you lost out to as quickly. NASCAR has 43 teams and that mean there are 42 different degrees of losing and the sooner you drop out of the race, the more teams you have to gain the points back from in the races to follow.
Hall of Fame
2011 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductees
October 13, 2010

Today, Brian France announced the 5 inductees for the 2011 Hall of Fame Class. This year the voting committee stuck with the concept used in the first year by selecting building block inductees. Sure, they deserve to be there, but some thought that a few superstars should have been in this class as did the majority of the fans.
N'wide Series at Gateway
Keselowski Ruffled Some Feathers, But Edwards Went Daffy
July 19, 2010

Saturday night the N'wide Series made their stop at Gateway Int'l Raceway and even though it was two weeks after the 4th, they still had a fireworks show on and above the track at the end of the night. Brad Keselowski dominated the lead of the race as the night fell on the gateway to the west. Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards made their way up into position to challenge Keselowski for the lead, but Keselowski was a bit stronger than them and held off their challenges.
NASCAR Hall of Fame:
Second Class of 25 Nominees for the NASCAR Hall of Fame
July 1, 2010

The 25 nominees for the second group of NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees were announced on Speed Thursday night. The list is to the right. The 20 not selected for 2010 made the list again along with five new nominees. The five new nominees are Jerry Cook, Jack Ingram, Dale Inman, Fred Lorenzen, and T. Wayne Robertson.
Daytona 500:
McMurray Wins The 500 That Would Not End
February 14, 2010

Jamie McMurray was so happy the race was finally over he couldn't hold back the tears. Or, was it because he won the biggest race of his career. McMurray won his first race with Ganassi years ago and this year he returned to Ganassi after leaving to drive for Roush-Fenway and in his first race back with the team he is back in victory lane once again.
2009 NASCAR Champions
Johnson Wins 4th In A Row; Busch Wins N'wide Series; Hornaday Wins 4th Truck Title
November 27, 2009

The 2009 NASCAR Season is in the history books and what a historic year in NASCAR history 2009 was. Jimmie Johnson became the first in the history of the sport to capture four consecutive Sprint Cup championships. Kyle Busch won the Nationwide Series championship with a huge lead over Carl Edwards. Then, there is Ron Hornaday Jr. who clinched the Camping World Truck Series championship at Phoenix with his truck owner, Kevin Harvick winning there and also the season finale at Homestead.
NASCAR Hall of Fame:
The First Five Inductees Are Named
October 14, 2009

The first five inductees for the NASCAR Hall of Fame have been named for the May 23, 2010 ceremony. Those five are Bill France Sr, Bill France Jr., Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Junior Johnson. These five are a great foundation for building the Hall of Fame. Next year, another 25 will be nominated for the 2011 class of inductees.
NASCAR Hall of Fame:
NASCAR to Announce First Five Inductees to Hall of Fame
October 12, 2009

Earlier this year, NASCAR announced the 25 Hall of Fame nominees and said that the first group would be five of these people. The time has now come to announce who those five people are to create the inaugural group of inductees. That time is Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 4 PM live on Speed TV.
The N-O-T (NASCAR of Tomorrow):
Junior, It's Not Your Father's NASCAR Anymore
August 20, 2009

Dale Earnhardt Jr. spoke out in Michigan on Friday before the race and NASCAR responded by blowing off Junior's comments by saying that Junior is a struggling team out of reach of the Chase for the Championship that is frustrated by his lack of success. What Junior has to learn is this isn't his Father's NASCAR anymore. Mike Helton is running the show with Brian France sitting back out of the spotlight while his Grandfather's and Father's legacy is transformed into the new N-O-T (NASCAR of Tomorow).
NASCAR's Drug Policy Holds Up:
Jeremy Mayfield It's Time to Give Up and Walk Away
July 31, 2009

Jeremy Mayfield was caught with a failed drug test performed by NASCAR, which ever since he's been fighting to no avail. The more he fights the indefinite suspension, which came as a result of the failed drug test, the more credibility he loses in the situation. It's time to walk away quietly and disappear for a long time.
NASCAR Update:
Double File Restart Report Card
July 22, 2009

After 6 races of double file restarts it seems to be working to provide some close finishes, but that is due to late race cautions, which seem to be happening to benefit the situation. During the middle of the race, there seems to be no real advantage as the field still sorts itself out and spreads out a bit following the cautions.
NASCAR Hall of Fame:
First 25 Nominees for the NASCAR Hall of Fame
July 3, 2009

The 25 nominees for the first group of NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees were announced on Speed Thursday night. NASCAR will announce the five inductees when the Hall of Fame opens in downtown Charlotte in 2010.
NASCAR Rule Changes Commentary:
Double-File Or Double Trouble at Pocono
June 5, 2009

NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France announced on Thursday night the official introduction of the double-file restarts to the Cup Series with the N'wide and Truck Series to follow at a later date. "We've heard the fans loud and clear, 'double-file restarts -- shootout style' are coming to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. This addition to the race format is good for competition and good for the fans," said France during his announcement. Friday, NASCAR's Robin Pemberton held a press conference at Pocono Raceway to explain the new double-file restarts and answer some questions.
NASCAR Rule Changes:
Double File Restarts to Start at Pocono?
June 3, 2009

Will we have double file restarts at Pocono for the Cup Series? It seems like that is the plan as the cat was let out of the bag on Speed's "This Week In NASCAR" show. It sounded like they weren't supposed to say anything about it, but Michael Waltrip couldn't keep his mouth shut and let the cat out of the bag.
Auto Racing Commentary:
It Is The All-Star Race — Proposed Changes for 2010
May 20, 2009

Let me first say that where it was an entertaining race as NASCAR races go, there were a couple points of the race that need some fine tuning. For instance, it was an All-Star race, what are rookies doing in the race that have never even won a Cup Series race. Specifically, I am talking about Sam Hornish Jr. and Joey Logano. However, there is the alleged rule changes that even the TV guys didn't know about. It is time we cleared up some things and protected the integrity of the term All-Star.
NASCAR Safety Spotlight:
Why Did Kenseth Flip at Talladega?
April 27, 2009

We all sit down and watch the NASCAR coverage on TV at Daytona and Talladega and they constantly talk about the safety features on the cars to keep the Bobby Allison and Richard Petty wrecks of the past a thing of the past. Then, we see Matt Kenseth in the Nationwide race at Talladega flip violently and catch fire. Why did he flip with all that safety equipment?
Auto Racing News:
2009 Sprint Cup Teams
February 4, 2009

There are many changes for the 2009 season. So many that you'll need a score card this weekend for the first racing events at Daytona. We provide a condensed version in PDF format that you can print and have available as a quick reference to find out who is in what car during for the start of the season. You can also check out the table to view the details of how things will be for the start of the season.

Auto Racing News:
Richard Gets to Name the New Team
January 20, 2009

On Monday, January 19, 2009, Richard Petty announced to the press that it was a deal breaker that George Gillett said he had no problem with and that was keeping the Petty legacy alive by naming the team Richard Petty Motorsports.

Auto Racing News:
Petty Racing Evolves With GEM Merger
January 18, 2009

On Friday, January 16, 2009, Petty Holdings and Gillett Evernham Motorsports (GEM) announced an agreement in principle to merge for the 2009 NASCAR season. Both sides anticipate a final agreement by the end of January. The merger brings the 43 from Petty Holdings into the GEM fold to combine with the 9, 10 and 19 teams. The 10 car is currently prepared for an eight race season unless more sponsorship is found.
Auto Racing News:
President Bush Bailed Out The Big Three,
Where's The Help For Mansfield Motorsports Park & BHR?
December 20, 2008

President Bush, set aside the proper role of government and handed the Big Three a $17.4 bailout. He said, "Under ordinary economic circumstances, I would say this is the price that failed companies must pay -- I would not favor intervening to prevent the automakers from going out of business. But these are not ordinary circumstances." So, where's the help for Mansfield Motorsports Park that had to shut it's doors "due to the economic times?"
Auto Racing News:
What Does the Possible Auto Bailout Mean for NASCAR?
December 12, 2008

Well, no matter on what the final version of the bill goes to President Bush now or President-Elect Obama in the future to sign, there will be some changes for NASCAR to deal with in 2010 or maybe sooner. Current thoughts by economists and politicians are that $34 billion in American taxpayer support won't be enough to help the situation without significant cuts by Ford, GM and Chrysler in both personnel and other expenses. It also calls for the research and development portions of the companies to focus on more efficient products. Even with those cuts and refocusing or more direct focusing on more efficient vehicles will most likely cut support dollars for NASCAR related development.

Auto Racing News:
Talladega, Who Dropped the Ball at the Finish
October 6, 2008

Where did the controversy come from at the finish of the Amp Energy 500 at Talladega? The blame goes to a couple different people. First, there is NASCAR, ABC/ESPN and in this instance to Regan Smith for breaking the rules, for which he was penalized. However, only Smith gets the penalty and he apparently didn't comprehend the rule NASCAR was using. The only penalty to NASCAR is the fan confusion.

Auto Racing News:
Rough Weekend for Auto Sports Families
September 29, 2008

This past weekend was a rough one for many families in the auto racing world. First, we lost Paul Newman on Friday, then Richard Bahre on Saturday followed by Perry Ricks Southall and Hal Hamrick on Sunday.

NHRA News:
Scott Kalitta Has Fatal Accident at Englishtown
June 21, 2008

In the final round of qualifying at Englishtown, NJ for the Lucas Oil NHRA SuperNationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Kalitta's car exploded as it went down the track and crashed at the end of the track. Kalitta was taken to Old Bridge Township Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
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