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NASCAR Extends Coronavirus Delay
April 17, 2020

NASCAR has extended the delay in the season through May 9 due to the Coronavirus. The current plan is to race all 36 Cup Series races, but Martinsville will not be the race that resumes the season. Schedule changes to make up the missed events are still being developed.

The initial delay announcement came at about the same time as a NBA player was tested and found to have COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and due to players of all sports using the same venues and locker rooms the major sports leagues put a halt to their seasons. The NBA, NHL, MLS, NLL and MLB spring training all fell in line and paused their seasons.

Many sports have daily progress meetings to discuss returning and what are the options for plans to return when the pandemic is over. The hope is that two weeks of delay will allow the spread of COVID-19 to end and new cases to dissipate.

Following the unnecessary panic that has your grocery store lacking toilet paper among other things, normalcy will return with smart actions and hopefully a new season as Spring has arrived.

As updates are available, we will bring them to you here at or via Twitter.

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